Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disney Capsule Toy ~ Mini Umbrella Hp Strap Series

*Sample of the physical umbrella strap, this is how it looks like...wOoo simply too sweet to resist! (^ o ^)

Item #42
Condition: Brand New
Character Available: Donald Duck, Scrumpdoll, Stitch, Winnie The Pooh, Marie Cat & Mickey Mouse / 1 Full Set
Donald Duck (4 instocks)
Scrumpdoll (5 instocks) - ALL SOLD OUT!
Stitch (3 instocks) - 1pc SWAPPED Already!, 2pcs ALL SOLD OUT!
Winnie the Pooh (1 instock) - SOLD!
Mickey Mouse (1 instock) - SOLD!
Marie Cat (3 instocks) - ALL SOLD OUT!
Price: S$3.50 ea

1 Full Set Available: S$23.00 per set

*Free normal postage

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