Thursday, January 21, 2010

Limited Edition Doraemon Charms

Item #89
Condition: Brand New
Brand: Mcdonald Limited Edition
Design / Qty:
Doraemon as Cupid (Left pc) - 1 instock!
Doraemon as Rat (Middle pc) - 1 instock!
Doraemon as Ox (Right pc) - 1 instock!
Height: Approx. 10cm
Clearance Sales: S$7.00 ea
*Free Normal Postage

*Looking for swap for Doraemon as Dog above urgently, pls msg me if you have it & willing to swap, thanks alot! :)


wenwen said...

if you have rabbit i can swap dog with u. sms 90047167

dust said...

Hi is your doraemon OX still available?

Pls leave contact me via email at